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[Sticky] Let's Spark Up the Conversation on Electric Powered Boats

Posts: 30

I'm thrilled to kickstart our discussion on electric powered boats! Whether you're a seasoned electric boat captain or just setting sail into the world of emission free boating, this is the spot to share insights, tips, and maybe even a few tales from the waves.

Let's dive into the current (pun intended) state of electric propulsion for boats. Are you cruising with a sleek electric motor? Facing any technical puzzles or seeking advice on upgrades? Or perhaps you've got some wisdom to share with those considering the switch to electric power?

From battery life to the latest tech innovations, no ampere is too small to discuss here. This forum is all about supporting each other in navigating the waters of electric boating.

I'm stoked to hear about your experiences, questions, and discoveries. So, what's powering your electric boat adventures? Share your thoughts, and let's sail into this electric-powered journey together!

Posted : December 25, 2023 12:20 pm